Mobile Phone
TRS-80 Model III
RoboBOARD and TradeWars

My first music player was a Walkman. My first gaming console was a Vectrex. My first mobile phone had a detached battery in a bag. The first computer I ever touched was a Tandy TRS-80. The first programming language I learned was BASIC. Before the world wide web, I was a bulletin board (BBS) sysop using RoboBOARD and played TradeWars. And my first GUI-based operating system was GeoWorks (GEOS).

So now you have some idea of how old I am. Well, I'm not really old, but I suppose I'm in the upper bracket compared to many people in the I.T. industry. I guess that's why I'm a "fossil geek"... a label I proudly accept. But what a time to be alive to witness and take part in the amazing technological breakthroughs in such a short span of time! Our cell phones are way more powerful than my $1,700.00 Packard Bell 386 (with a 4-color dot matrix printer) ever was.

Although I learned to program as a kid, I didn't enter the I.T. world until later in life. For me, programming was just a hobby. Once the interweb became a thing, I taught myself as much as I could, starting with table-based HTML layouts, then CSS, then JavaScript, then Perl, then PHP and MySQL... well, you get the point. The learning never stops in this line of work... and I love it!

This blog is simply a way for me to keep track of and share some of the things I've learned along the way and hopefully it is able to help someone else.

PS - For all you youngins who don't know about the things I listed as my firsts, here are some references for you:

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